Lisa M. Pohlman

 Associate Professor
Director, Clinical Pathology

BSc (1999), University of Guelph
DVM (2001), University of Guelph
MS (2007), Auburn University
Diplomate ACVP (2007)

Phone: (785) 532-4882


As director of the Clinical Pathology Laboratory, I supervise the overall operations of the clinical pathology laboratory and work with the other clinical pathologists, clinical pathology residents, medical technologists, and other laboratory personnel to provide clinical laboratory services for clinicians within the College of Veterinary Medicine, for veterinarians in private practice and for researchers doing experimental investigations.

For non-directed service, I speak frequently at veterinary conferences on topics related to veterinary clinical pathology. I also participate in the academic and professional communities by serving on committees, task forces, and other groups.


I am course coordinator and primary instructor for Laboratory Diagnosis (DMP 777, 3rd year elective) in the veterinary curriculum. The major goals of DMP 777 are for students to acquire the knowledge and skills in the implementation and interpretation of veterinary laboratory diagnostic techniques including hematology, cytology, urinalysis, and quality assurance/quality control. The goal of this on-line course is to build on the introductory concepts and knowledge gained in the sophomore clinical pathology class and ultimately to increase student understanding and professional proficiency in performance and interpretation of urinalysis, complete blood count (CBC) procedures, microscopic analysis of cells and body fluids, and other assay methods commonly used in the veterinary diagnostic laboratory. To provide relevance and motivation, instructional strategies of case-based learning are used to engage the students in this on-line course. I also coordinate the clinical pathology section of the senior rotation (Diagnostic Medicine (DMP 785), in which there are 12 hours devoted to topics in clinical pathology including, but not limited to, clinical chemistry case-based learning exercises, and microscopic evaluation of blood films and cytologic preparations. I also work with the other clinical pathologists to provide guidance, mentoring, and instruction for the pathology residents who are seeking certification as veterinary clinical pathologists.


My research interests include the mechanisms and classification of canine and feline lymphoma, identification and characterization of disease in domestic species and improvement of clinical pathology laboratory methods.

Selected Publications

Galgut B, Pohlman LM, Ear Mass in a dog; What’s Your Diagnosis? The Clinicians’ Brief, October, 2010

Pohlman LM, Basophils, Mast Cells and Their Disorders, Schalm’s Veterinary Hematology, Sixth Edition, Eds, D. Weiss and J. Wardrop, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

Pohlman LM, Higginbotham ML, Welles E G, and Johnson CM, Immunophenotypic and Histologic Classification of 50 Cases of Feline Gastrointestinal Lymphoma, Veterinary Pathology 46:259-268 (2009).