Roman M. Pogranichniy

 Dr. Roman PogranichniyAssociate Professor

DVM (1993), Ukrainian State Agricultural University, Kiev, Ukraine
MS (2000), Iowa State University
PhD (2005), Iowa State University

Phone: (785) 532-4516

Research, Teaching and Research

I am a veterinarian with advanced training in veterinary microbiology/virology, and my research interests are on viral infectious diseases, their pathogenesis and the development of new diagnostic and preventive methods for these diseases. My service, research and teaching responsibilities are closely interlinked. As Section head of Diagnostic Virology and Serology, I isolate, identify and characterize emerging and re-emerging viral disease agents. Then I develop serological and virological assays for these new isolates. Establishing ties with fellow scientists is integral to conducting research directed toward understanding the pathogenesis of diseases and developing innovative tools for rapid diagnosis. Additional collaboration with field veterinarians, producers and researchers fosters the development of effective vaccines, management control strategies and scientific publications. In the teaching environment I am further able share my knowledge and experience with viral disease, pathogenesis and prevention methods. Providing classroom instruction for veterinary and graduate students, workshops and seminars with field veterinarians and producers and presentations at scientific meetings are all elements of my teaching responsibilities at KSU. Currently, I am working on an ASF biosecurity project in Eastern Europe and building capacity to prevent spreading of this virus in Asia. I am also working with different influenza A viral strains, PCV2 and PRRSV, their response to vaccination, virus detection and immune response and the pathogenesis of these and other viruses in animals.

Selected Refereed Journal Articles/Publications/Significant works of Scholarly Activity:

PubMed: Pogranichniy - PubMed - NCBI

Book Chapters:

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Refereed Journal Articles:

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