Santosh Dhakalsantosh dhakal

Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases

BVSc & AH, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
MS, The Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
PhD, The Ohio State University, Ohio, USA

Phone: 785-532-5003
Mosier K243


Our lab works on viral pathogens of animal and human health importance, including influenza and SARS-CoV-2. Our research focuses on understanding the effect of host-associated factors, including age, biological sex, preexisting immunity, and different comorbidities on viral pathogenesis and immune responses to vaccines. We are also interested in the development of safe, effective and optimized mucosal vaccines against animal and human viral pathogens.


Selected publication

Greater breadth of vaccine-induced immunity in females than males is mediated by increased antibody diversity in germinal center B cells. Ursin R.L., Dhakal, S., Liu, H., Jayaraman, S., Park, H.S., Powell, H.R., Sherer, M.L., Littlefield, K.E., Fink, A.L., Ma, Z., Mueller, A.L., Chen, A.P., Seddu, K., Woldetsadik, Y.A., Gearhart, P.J., Larman, H.B., Maul, R.W., Pekosz, A., and Klein, S.L. mBio, 13(4):e0183922.

Female-biased effects of aging on a chimeric hemagglutinin stalk-based universal influenza virus vaccine in mice. Dhakal, S., Deshpande, S., McMahon, M., Strohmeier, S., Krammer, F., and Klein, S.L. Vaccine, 40(11):1624-1633.

Sex differences in lung imaging and SARS-CoV-2 antibody responses in a COVID-19 golden Syrian hamster model. Dhakal, S., Ruiz-Bedoya, C.A., Zhou, R., Creisher, P. S., VIllano, J.S., Littlefield, K., Ruelas Castillo, J., Marinho, P., Jedlicka, A.E., Ordonez, A.A., Bahr, M., Majewska, N., Betenbaugh, M.J., Favahan, K., Mueller, A.R.L., Looney, M.M., Quijada, D., Mota, F., Beck, S.E., Brockhurst, J., Braxton, A.M., Castell, N., Stover, M., D’Alessio, F.R., MetcalfPate, K.A>, Karakousis, P.C., Mankowski, J.L., Pekosz, A., Jain, S.K., and Klein, S.L. mBio, 12(4):e00977421.

Host-factors impact vaccine efficacy: implications for seasonal and universal influenza vaccine programs. Dhakal, S., and Klein, S.L. J Virol, 93(21):e00797.