Kyeong-Ok Chang

 Professor, Virology

DVM (1989), Seoul National University
MS (1991), Seoul National University
PhD (1999), The Ohio State University

Phone: 785-532-3849
Fax: 785-532-4039

I have over 25 years of research experience in the field of virology, specifically on viral pathogenesis and the development of preventive and/or therapeutic measures for important human and animal pathogens. Currently, my research focuses on norovirus proteases as potential therapeutic targets with multi-disciplinary approach including compound synthesis, functional, structural and inhibitor studies of proteases with medicinal chemists, virologists and structural biologists. We have published numerous papers describing the design, synthesis, and evaluation of various transition state inhibitors of viral proteases. Our group demonstrated that some inhibitors showed broad-spectrum antiviral activities against multiple viruses in picornavirus-like supercluster which includes picornaviruses, caliciviruses (norovirus) and coronaviruses. Through these drug development endeavors, recently we have identified anti-norovirus and/or -coronavirus protease inhibitors effective in animal models. One of inhibitors was advanced to the late stage of drug development against a fatal feline coronavirus (feline infectious peritonitis virus, FIPV). The compound was shown to be highly effective in naturally or experimentally infected cats with FIPV. Our group continues to identify new antiviral compounds as well as advancing the current series beyond the preclinical stages.

Selected Publications

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Selected Publications from last 3 years.

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