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College of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty Leave and Travel Requests

Leave Requests

TimeClock Instructional Video

Out-of-State Travel Requests and Reimbursements

CVM Business Services - Travel

University FY21 Travel Form – Needed to be sent to Main Campus for Approval

Link for Travel Information from Main Campus

Faculty Leave and Travel Request Instructions
  • Out of State Request link
    • If you are traveling out of state, complete the information by using the “Out-of-State Travel Requests and Reimbursements” link above.
    • If you have questions regarding the funding source, contact Dr. Davis.
    • For step by step instructions, use the “CVM Business Services – Travel” link above.
  • Call Cara Koerperich at 2-4501 or visit her office in the Dean's Business Office Trotter 102.
    • Cara will help set-up your registration and airfare.
  • You make your own lodging and will be reimbursed
    • Make sure to bring an itemized bill from the hotel after your stay.
  • If traveling internationally make sure you follow FMD ProtocolsComplete your On-line Leave Request (this is to ask for Official Leave).
  • When you return, complete your Reimbursement RequestConsulting Travel, when applicable: make sure your consulting request has been completed and approved
    • Complete the information at the “Out-of-State Travel Requests and Reimbursements” link above.