David Hodgson


Emeritus Professor, Anesthesiology




  • DVM: Kansas State University
  • Residency: University of California-Davis


  • Novel methods of delivering inhaled anesthetics to a wide variety of animals.
  • Design and testing of anesthesia machines and ventilation assist devices.
  • Methods to reduce morbidity and mortality in anesthetized veterinary patients.
  • Assessment of diaphragmatic and pulmonary function in recumbent positions in anesthetized horses.
  • Testing and development of novel ventilators to provide respiratory support for anesthetized Marine Mammals. Sponsoring organization: National Marine Mammal Foundation.
  • Oxygen delivery through nasal catheters and assessment of perturbations in flow delivery.


  • Anesthesia equipment design, testing, and consultation
  • Special emphasis on novel methods to deliver safe, controlled, and economical methods of producing anesthesia and analgesia to clinical patients
  • Recognized expertise in anesthesia equipment design and frequently consults on a national basis
  • Ventilation support devices are an additional combined clinical and research focus
  • Anesthesia patient safety, morbidity and mortality reduction through equipment configuration has been a long term interest and area of activity.


  • Veterinary Surgery I (3rd year)
  • Veterinary Surgery II (3rd year)
  • Clinical Anesthesia (4th year)

Selected Publications