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Dr. Elizabeth Davis

Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine is composed of three academic departments one of which is the Department of Clinical Sciences. In the first two years of veterinary college students take courses that focus on foundational science including anatomy, physiology and affiliated subjects. As students matriculate through the program they enroll in more clinically based material that includes both lecture and clinical laboratory activities. It is the primary goal of the Clinical Sciences Department to aid in the clinical training of veterinary students while in the third and fourth years of the CVM curriculum. 

As a Land Grant institution we provide clinical service, veterinary education and scientific discovery that enhance knowledge and productivity in Kansas. The Department of Clinical Sciences has a broad and diverse faculty that approach these various disciplines with breadth and depth of expertise.  We are one component of this College that helps complete a highly successful academic unit. The DCS faculty work with students, animal owners, producers and various members of the local and agricultural communities that benefit from the services provided by our College.  Education and service are fundamental to our existence, we are here to serve and we take that responsibility very seriously in all that we accomplish. 

Through the educational process we apply the concepts and instruments of discovery to provide state-of-the-art clinical and diagnostic services to benefit animal and human health. Our aim is to remain tightly aligned with the Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University. Outstanding public service and student teaching are accomplished through the dedication of all members of our department, it is through the process of collective thinking and using innovative and effective approaches to work with our students that we accomplish our current goals while also working towards the future as a leader in the field of veterinary medicine. 

KSU CVM graduates approximately 112 students annually and each student has the opportunity to work in a field with remarkable diversity. It is our mission to allow each student to accomplish their goals using the tools and principles that they learned while a student at Kansas State University. Approximately 70 percent of our graduates enter into the field of general veterinary practice while the remainder pursue advanced or alternate training following graduation. In the current local and global communities graduating with a DVM degree from KSU CVM provides individuals with the opportunity to pursue a highly rewarding and successful career, regardless of where or how veterinary medicine is practiced. 

If you have questions regarding the Department of Clinical Sciences, feel free to contact our office at edavis@vet.k-state.edu or call 785-532-4890.

Beth Davis, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Head, Department of Clinical Sciences