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College of Veterinary Medicine

Degree Requirements and Core Curriculum

All students in the doctoral program in Anatomy and Physiology are required to meet the following degree requirements:

  • Enrollment for a minimum of 3 years*;
  • Completion of a minimum of 90 credit hours that include a Core Curriculum (see following section);
  • Dissertation representing a minimum of 30 credit hours of research credit (AP999).

*Although the Graduate School requires enrollment in a minimum of 2 semesters each year, the Program strongly recommends students to enroll for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.

Core Curriculum:

All PhD students in Anatomy and Physiology complete a Core Curriculum. The Core Curriculum comprises the following courses, totaling 19 credit hours.

  • AP 803: Seminar (3 semesters at 1 hour/semester), 3 h total
  • AP 896: Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research, 2 h
  • AP 804: Veterinary Physiology I, 5 h
  • AP 818: Veterinary Physiology II, 6 h
  • STAT 701: Fundamental Methods in Biostatistics, 3 h

Additional Courses:

Depending on the research focus area, the student chooses 6-12 credit hours of additional courses.

Elective Courses:

On consultation with the major professor and Supervisory Committee, the student chooses appropriate elective courses offered in the Graduate Catalog.