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College of Veterinary Medicine

Notable A&P alumni

Yelica Lopez-Rodriguez - 2012

Major Professor: Mark Weiss
Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, Commerce, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Dissertation Title: Immunosuppressive properties of Wharton's jelly derived mesenchymal stromal cells in the treatment of graft versus host disease in rat model

Daniel Hirai - 2012

Major Professor: David Poole
Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Purdue University, Department of Health and Kinesiology
Dissertation Title: Oxygen delivery-utilization matching in skeletal muscle

Steven Copp - 2013

Major Professor: Timothy Musch
Current Position: Associate Professor, Kansas State University, Department of Kinesiology
Dissertation Title: Enzymatic regulation of skeletal muscle oxygen transport: novel roles for neuronal nitric oxide synthase

Carl Ade - 2013

Major Professor: Tom Barstow
Current Position: Associate Professor, Kansas State University, Department of Kinesiology
Dissertation Title: Cardiorespiratory and vascular function during stress

Sheng Yi - 2013

Major Professor: Bruce Schultz
Current Position: Associate Professor, Nantong University, Shanghai, China
Dissertation Title: Transforming growth factor beta 1 modulates electrophysiological parameters of vas deferens epithelial cells

Xiangdong Li - 2014

Major Professor: Jishu Shi
Current Position: Director, National Research Center for Biological Engineering, Luo Yang City, China
Dissertation Title: Use of adjuvants to increase efficacy of PRRSV modified live vaccines

Scott Ferguson - 2015

Major Professor: David Poole
Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Exercise Science, University of Hawaii, Hilo
Dissertation Title: Skeletal muscle vascular and metabolic control: Impacts of exogenous vs. endogenous nitric oxide synthesis

Mike Kleinhenz - 2018

Major Professor: Hans Coetzee
Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Beef Production Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences, Kansas State University
Dissertation Title: Pharmacokinetic properties of transdermal flunixin in cattle and its use in pain models