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College of Veterinary Medicine

Electronic Journals

Access to electronic journals change frequently and few journals provide unlimited free access to full text articles. Many journals sites provide only abstracts and tables of contents while others just provide advertising. The lists below give sites that provide either full-text access or information about access to journal literature.

Electronic journals at K-State

This list is maintained by the technical services department at Kansas State University’s Hale Library. Most of the journals are restricted to KSU faculty, staff and students and cover all topics. These require using your eID when using an off-campus computer. For questions about eIDs see eIDs at K-State or email helpdesk@k-state.edu

The following are sites that provide either full-text open access journals or tables of contents to journals. Most of them include medical, veterinary medical or scientific journals. These sites are not maintained by Kansas State University Libraries and are subject to change.

Bioline International

This site is from a non-profit publishing service that is managed by scientists and librarians to provide electronic access to research journals published in developing countries and covers the fields of biomedicine, food, and agriculture.

BioMed Central

This provides access to its own published journals as well as access to other affiliated journals and covers the fields of biology, medicine, nutrition, public health, veterinary research, and other scientific subjects.

Directory of Open Access Journals

This is a listing of free, full-text, scientific and scholarly journals covering many disciplines including agriculture, biology, chemistry, health sciences and life sciences. The site is provided by Lund University, Sweden.

Free Medical Journals

This site has full-text access to over 1000 medical journals and is arranged by medical categories as well as having alphabetical access. A few veterinary journals are accessible.

HighWire Press

Stanford University Libraries provides free access to over one million full-text articles, many of which are from biomedical journals.


This has a listing of full-text Japanese journals including bulletins of academic societies in Japan. Japanese veterinary journals are included and most articles are in English.


This site provides access to peer reviewed biomedical literature from India.

PLoS: Public Library of Science

This site is a non-profit organization that provides free, full-text, peer-reviewed access to research journals published by the organization. It is a public resource that is committed to making scientific and medical literature freely available.

PubMed Central

PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. A link is provided for new journals added in the past sixty days.


This site provides open full-text access to Spanish and Portuguese language journals from primarily Latin American and Caribbean countries in the scientific and technology areas. Some veterinary medical and animal science journals are included.