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To be eligible for consideration, students must be accepted to the DVM program or have completed at least one year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, on or about mid-May of the application year. The program is highly competitive and selective. Successful applicants will be in the top of their class, have a sincere interest in experiencing the research environment of the College, and have excellent letters of recommendation.
Students are encouraged to apply if they:

  • have completed at least one year of Veterinary School.
  • are interested in exploring research but have not previously had such an opportunity.
  • have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • are not currently enrolled in a DVM/PhD or DVM/MS program.
How to get started...

1.  What are your interests? Pick an area that you would like to explore - something that you want to learn more of and that you will enjoy. Think about what you would like to investigate - whether it be something that might have been touched on in class, or something you will be studying in the future.

2.  If you do not know, then surf around the departments of the college and see what grabs your attention.

3.  If you already know what area you would like to pursue a project in, your next step is to find the mentor to sponsor you.

4.  Set up a time to meet with several faculty mentors to see who you would feel comfortable working on a project. It needs to be a mutual working relationship in order to get the most out of the experience. If you cannot find a mentor from the lists provided or have contacted them with no response (email and calling), then contact our office and we can help you make contact.

5.  Look at the application and see what is required.