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CORE - Staff

hanthornChristy Hanthorn, DVM, MS
Research Associate

Dr. Hanthorn grew up on a beef cow-calf farm in southern Iowa and received her DVM degree from Iowa State University in 2010. She was in private mixed animal practice in eastern Iowa for 2 years before returning to Iowa State University to complete a MS degree in 2014. Christy’s professional interests are beef cattle herd health and preventive medicine.  Her work includes assisting with development of the Secure Beef Supply plan as well as assisting with the management of various projects and academic coursework.

Roberta Hodges

Roberta Hodges
Project Coordinator

Roberta is an alum of Kansas State University.  Her responsibilities include organizing and tracking activities for the research and training programs of the center; tracking and monitoring budgets; assisting with reporting and proposals; data management and administrative support for the CORE.  


GRADUATE STUDENTS (listed alphabetically): 

Joaquin BaruchJoaquin Baruch, DVM
Graduate Research Assistant
MS, Pathobiology (Epidemiology)
Co-advised by Drs. David Renter and Natalia Cernicchiaro

Joaquin received his DVM from the University of the Republic in Uruguay in 2016.  He is interested in learning about the beef production system in United States and about food safety and epidemiological research in general.  Before coming to the U.S., he did research in epidemiology and animal welfare.  The pathobiology program and the research activities align well with the skills he wants to achieve during his graduate studies, as well as his future career in veterinary epidemiology.

pius ekongPius Ekong, DVM
Graduate Research Assistant
PhD, Food Safety Risk Analysis and Epidemiology
Advised by Dr. Michael Sanderson

Pius' research is focused on creating probabilistic quantitative microbial risk assessment models to evaluate risk mitigation strategies and public health impacts of seven serotypes of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in beef product pathway (from farm-to-fork). Pius' research interests lie in the investigation and control of health related issues at the livestock – wildlife – human interface using epidemiological and risk modeling tools.

Megan EwellMegan Ewell
Graduate Research Assistant
DVM/MS, Pathobiology (Epidemiology)
Advised by Dr. David Renter

Megan is pursuing concurrent DVM/MS degrees. She is a member of the DVM Class of 2019. Megan earned her BS in Agriculture (Animal Sciences and Industry) from K-State in 2015. Her general research interests lie in epidemiology.

kendra frasierKendra Frasier
PhD, Veterinary Pathobiology
Advised by Dr. Michael Sanderson

Kendra works for the Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health. Her research interests include a multi-disciplinary approach to animal disease traceability and crisis communication.

Tara Nath GaireTara Nath Gaire, MS
Graduate Research Assistant
Master of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Advised by Dr. Victoriya Volkova

Tara’s research at K-State focuses on the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance. His previous research experience includes epidemiological studies of the bluetongue virus antibodies presence in ruminants (cattle, sheep and goat) of Nepal and prevalence of bovine viral diarrhea infection in dairy herds of Nepal as a Principal Researcher funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Feed the Future – Livestock Innovation Laboratory, led by Colorado State University.

GebhardtJordan Gebhardt
Graduate Research Assistant
DVM/PhD, Animal Sciences & Industry (Applied Swine Nutrition)
Co-advised by Drs. Steve Dritz and Joel DeRouchey

Jordan is currently pursuing a concurrent DVM/PhD, and his research has focused on the effect of varying particle size and standard deviation of ground corn in nursery and finishing swine diets on feed preference, growth performance, carcass characteristics, and associated feed mill manufacturing costs. Additional research currently includes evaluation of chromium supplementation in finishing swine diets as well as potential mitigation strategies of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in feed and feed ingredients. Upon graduation, Jordan hopes to continue helping swine producers improve the health and nutrition of their herds, ultimately leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Mariana Boscato MenegatMariana Boscato Menegat, MS
Graduate Research Assistant
PhD, Pathobiology (Applied Swine Nutrition)
Advised by Dr. Steve Dritz

Mariana is a veterinarian, and her work is focused on swine. She earned her MS in Swine Reproduction and she is currently pursuing her PhD in Swine Nutrition. Mariana hopes that her academic and professional career contribute towards the improvement of swine production.

Aurelio CabezasAurelio Cabezas Murillo, MS
Graduate Research Assistant
PhD, Pathobiology (Epidemiology)
Advised by Dr. Michael Sanderson

Aurelio’s research is focused on livestock herd contact networks in the U.S. production system and the application of that data to modeling the effects of foot-and-mouth disease introduction and spread between herds.  He also works with Dr. Victoriya Volkova on a project which aims to develop mathematical models of potential transmission and clinical manifestations of FMD within a U.S. beef feedlot.

Hannah SegerHannah Seger
Graduate Research Assistant
DVM/PhD, Pathobiology
Advised by Dr. Michael Sanderson

Hannah’s PhD research focus is on the environmental transmission dynamics of Escherichia coli.  Hannah is part of the dual DVM/PhD program and a current first year veterinary student.  After completion of her program, she plans to continue clinical research in feedlot cattle with a focus in food safety and public health.

Carine Mirela VierCarine Mirela Vier, DVM
Graduate Research Assistant
PhD, Pathobiology (Applied Swine Nutrition)
Advised by Dr. Steve Dritz

Carine received her DVM degree from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 2016. During her program, she had the opportunity to spend a year at K-State on a full ride scholarship. She currently joined the Applied Swine Nutrition Team, and her PhD’s research has been focused on amino acids and minerals requirements of nursery and finishing pigs. Upon graduation, Carine plans to generate high quality assistance for swine producers, optimizing animal productivity and enhancing system profitability.