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Center for Outcomes Research and Education

The Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) at Kansas State University is an interdisciplinary research and training center focused on the application and extension of outcomes research in animal health. 

With a goal of improving effectiveness and efficiency in animal health care and its associated impacts on human health, CORE activities will demonstrate the value of animal health interventions – including treatment, prevention or diagnostic activities that are intended to improve health.  The CORE will generate and synthesize evidence on health interventions and train animal health professionals on how to best utilize that evidence to influence health care decisions.

The discipline of outcomes research involves applied clinical- and population-based research that seeks to study and optimize the end results of health care practices and interventions in terms of benefits to the patient and society.  Evaluation of economic factors, comparative clinical effectiveness, risk analysis, and health-related quality of life assessments are key areas of focus. 

The CORE involves several faculty at Kansas State University with existing collaborative programs, as well as experts at other institutions. By providing structured, applied research and educational programs that explicitly define and incorporate the societal and economic values inherent to health interventions, the CORE is a unique resource for the veterinary profession and others focused on enhancing animal health. The CORE provides leadership and infrastructure for effective collaboration among practicing veterinarians, industry partners, government agencies, and others in academia, in order to optimize animal health approaches. 

See our official announcement at the Kansas State University News and Communications Services website: “College of Veterinary Medicine establishes Center for Outcomes Research and Education”

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CVM Launches CORE

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