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U.S.-China Center for Animal Health
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U.S.-China Center for Animal Health

The rise and prominence of China is renowned and well publicized.  An increase in economic, political, educational and cultural cooperation and exchange between the U.S. and China is no longer a theory for most economic and corporate planners, but a fact ‒ a fact that should be developed. 

The U.S.-China Center for Animal Health (USCCAH) is a Kansas State University (KSU)-based training center for the improvement of Chinese animal health education, research, government interaction, and industrial workforce and a center that will assist Chinese and U.S. animal health companies to access the U.S. and Chinese markets, respectively. 

The College of Veterinary Medicine at KSU, the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, and the K-State Olathe Campus provide the ideal location for this training platform.  Because of our strong and close connections with Chinese stakeholders, we are well versed on Chinese animal health needs in this area. 

We serve the mission in three areas of professional commitment:

  • Improve the DVM training system in China to meet the AVMA standards.   We train 5-10 DVM students from China each year.
  • Train Chinese veterinarians on good clinical practices in swine, cattle, and companion animal disease management.
  • Establish a research and development laboratory that services the U.S. and Chinese animal health industry. 


美-中动物卫生中心(USCCAH)是一个为改善中国动物卫生教育、科研、政府管理、及产业人力资源而建立于堪萨斯州立大学的教育服务中心, 一个协助中美动物卫生公司分别进入美中市场的中心。



  • 促进中国的执业兽医教育使其达到美国兽医学会的标准。我们每年培训5-10名中国DVM学生。
  • 培训中国执业兽医师, 提高他们在猪,牛和宠物等动物健康和疾病管理方面的临床操作水平。
  • 建立一个面向美国和中国动物健康企业的研究和开发实验室。




US-China Joint DVM Program

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U.S.-China Joint DVM Program (English)视频 -美中合作执业兽医教育项目 (中文)

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USCCAH offers online veterinary continuing education in Chinese

Upcoming Events

March 5, 2015

Interview applicants of the U.S.-China Joint DVM Scholarship Program at South China Agricultural University – Guangzhou, China
美中动物卫生中心在华南农业大学面试美中联合培养执业兽医博士项目申请学生广州,  中国