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College of Veterinary Medicine

Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Flow Cytometry Lab

The Flow Cytometry laboratory is housed in Mosier Hall, Room K208 of the College of Veterinary Medicine Complex. This multi-user core laboratory is equipped with state of the art flow cytometry analyzers by Sony (EC800) and Becton Dickinson (FACSCalibur), a multiplex MagPix instrument, and fluorescent activated cell sorting equipment by BioRad S3 Cell Sorter.

Hours of Operation: M – F 8 – 5 pm, Call to schedule a time on the instruments

Usage Fees
BD FACSCalibur$20/15min$30/15min
LSR Fortessa X20$25/15min$37.50/15min
Assisted flow on Analyzers$30/15min 
BioRad S3 Cell Sorter$45/15min$67.50/15min
MagPix Setup (by staff)$30/plate$45/plate

Subsidized by Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology/KSVDL.

New users will be strongly encouraged to sign up for a minimum of 2 hours of training. Training will cost $100, and will accommodate up to 2 trainees per session. The training sessions will cover instrument set-up, data acquisition, trouble-shooting, and introduction to analysis software.

E-mail or call for consultation

Melinda J. Wilkerson, DVM PhD
Ph: 785-532-4818

Research Associate

Kaori Knights, MS
Ph: 785-532-4617
Fax: 785-532-4072

Research Assistant (Flow Cytometry certified operator)

Anushka George, MS
Ph: 785-532-4617
Fax: 785-532-4072




Fluorescent Markers

FACS CALIBUR488nm, 642nmFITC, GFP, Alexa 488, PE, PI, PerCP, 7-AAD, Pe-Cy7, APC, Alexa 647
BioRad S3 Sorter488nm, 561 nmFITC, GFP, Alexa 488, PE, PI, PerCP, 7-AAD, RFP, DsRed, mCherry
Sony EC800405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 642nmBrillaint Violet spectrum, DAPI, Pacific Blue, FITC, GFP, Alexa 488, PE, PI, PerCP, 7-AAD, RFP, DsRed, mCherry, APC, Alexa 647, Pe-Cy7, Alexa 700, PerCP Cy5.5


Sony EC800

The Sony EC800 is equipped with four lasers (405, 488, 561, and 640) with 6-color capabilities. This instrument can determine size, complexity, and electronic volume.  This flow cytometer can sample directly from a variety of plate or tube formats (ependorf tubes, falcon tubes, culture well plates, and tube rack) and is fully automated. The 405 laser allows the flexibility to use violet dyes. The 561 lasers provide the capability to excite a variety of fluorescent proteins (mCherry, mKate, link to fluorescent pdf chart).


The FACSCalibur is equipped with two lasers that emit light at 488 nm and 630 nm. There are three detectors (FL1, FL2, FL3) for the 488 laser and one detector (FL4) for the 630 laser.  This two laser cytometer allows the operator to analyze up to 4-color and 2 size parameters of cells or fluorescent-labeled particles. FACSCalibur is interfaced with a Macintosh computer and a publication quality color printer. Cell Quest and ModFit analysis software is available on two computers to analyze flow cytometry data including DNA and proliferation assays.

BioRad S3

The BioRad S3 is equipped with two lasers (488 and 561) with 4-color capabilities. The 561 lasers provide the capability to excite a variety of fluorescent proteins. This instrument can determine size, complexity, and sort cells.  The sorting operation is fully automated.  This instrument will be placed in the BRI in a level 2-biosafety hood (BioBubble).


The MagPix by Millipore can analyze up to 50 analytes in a single sample. Examples are cytokine, chemokine, and serological panels. Call for consultation and quote for usage.

Additional educational resource: Tutorials on flow cytometry