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College of Veterinary Medicine

Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Emergency Information

Fire/Ambulance/Police: 911
K-State Police: 785-532-6412

Primary Contact for Mosier and Coles Halls

Dr. MM Chengappa
Office: 785-532-4403
Cell: 785-341-2332
Home: 785-776-4369
Email: chengapa@vet.k-state.edu

Secondary Contact for Mosier Hall

Dr. Gary Anderson
Office: 785-532-4454
Cell: 785-317-4543
Home: 913-294-2506

Secondary Contact for Coles Hall and a Contact for Mosier Hall

Mylissia Smith
Office: 785-532-4621
Cell: 785-564-3724

KSU CVM Facilities Emergency Call List

Allan Leikam: Bldg. Supervisor
Office: 785-532-6840
Cell: 785-565-1764
Home: 785-320-2012
Email: aleikam@vet.k-state.edu

Electrical Power

Lynn Schwandt
Office: 785-532-6711


Bill Hyneck
Office: 785-532-6711
Home: 785-537-0125

Department of Environmental Health & Safety