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Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

The Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology is a multidisciplinary department that helps train tomorrow's veterinarians and scientists, provides diagnostic service to the state and the nation, and conducts research on disease in animals and humans. We are proud of our commitments to diversity in our teaching, research and service missions.

Highlights in Research and Teaching

Dr. Waithaka Mwangi collaborates on 'mind-blowing' bovine antibody discovery

Dr. Mwangi talks about 'mind-blowing' research with bovine anitbodies that display a capability to neutralize HIV.

            Researcher Profile: Dr. Waithaka Mwangi

ACVM selects Dr. Michael Dryden for one of its highest honors

An internationally recognized expert on fleas and ticks has been named the 2017 Microbiologist of the Year by the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists.

Dr. Michael Dryden


Researchers take steps toward new E.coli treatment

Drs. Philip Hardwidge and Samir El Qaidi, postdoctoral researcher, are searching for new ways to treat E.coli.

Drs. Samir El Qaidi and Philip Hardwidge

CEVBD collaboration looks at tick-borne disease in the Caribbean

New research is looking at tick-borne diseases and their effect on the people and the agricultural and companion animals in the Caribbean.

CEVBD in Grenada

Dr. Kathryn Reif receives research funding

Dr. Katie Reif recently received $10,000 from Integrated Animal Health, a Lawrence-based company, for researching and developing novel tick and tick-borne pathogen control measures.

Dr. Katie Reif



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