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College of Veterinary Medicine

Susan C. Nelson


Clinical Professor/Pet Health Center

Phone: 785-532-5690 
E-mail: snelson@vet.k-state.edu


  • DVM: Kansas State University
  • Bachelor of Arts-Biology: Hastings College


  • Clinical Instructor Small Animal General Medicine (4th year)
  • Practicing Veterinary Medicine in a Multicultural Society (2nd year)
  • Veterinary Management and Finance (3rd year)
  • Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence (1st year)
  • Clinical Skills III with Lab (3rd year)
  • Clinical Pharmacology (3rd year)
  • Principles of Animal Disease and Control (ASI 540)
  • Introduction to Companion Animals and Horses (ASI 107)
  • Communication Skills (3rd and 4th year)
  • Zoonotic Medicine (3rd year)
  • Grand Rounds I (1st year)


Dr. Nelson passion is providing primary care services to her clients and patients and the instruction of veterinary students on primary care case management. Her clinical interests are in preventive care for cats and dogs, senior wellness and puppy/kitten wellness. She is also active in clinical communications training for 4th year students as well as providing media interviews covering a range of pet-related topics.

Selected Publications, Presentations, or Articles

  • Teaching Clients How to Read Pet Food Labels and Calculating Dietary Needs, 79th Annual June Conference for Veterinarians, June 2017
  • Small Animal First Aid, Train Today Respond Tomorrow workshop, Chanute, KS, Feb. 2017
  • Zoonotic Diseases and Prevention, Kansas Animal Response Exercise (KARE), Oct.2016
  • Nelson, Susan. Continuity of Operations for the Veterinary Practice, 77th Annual Conference for Veterinarians, June 2015
  • Nelson, Susan. Separation Anxiety and Thunderstorm Phobias in Dogs, 77th Annual Conference for Veterinarians, June 2014
  • Nelson, Susan. Clinical Communications for Veterinary Technicians: Establishing rapport for better history taking, enhancing adherence and financial discussions, Colby Technician Annual Conference, October 2014
  • Nelson, Susan. Pet First Aid, Kansas Preparedness and Human Services in Disaster Summit and KSSART Annual Conference, 2013
  • Nelson, Susan. Common Behavior Problems in Cats and Dogs, Colby Technician Annual Conference, Oct. 2012
  • Nelson, Susan. To Vax or Not to Vax? Keeping Up with Current Vaccine Guidelines, Colby Technician Annual Conference, Oct. 2012
  • Nelson, Susan.What’s New in the World of Heartworms and Compliance Issues , KSU Annual Technician Conference, 2011
  • Nelson, Susan. Disaster Preparation for Veterinarians and Breeding Kennels,KSUCanine Care Conference  2010
  • Nelson, Susan. Diseases you and your pet can share, K-State Media 2009
  • Nelson, Susan. Disaster Preparation for You Pet, Radius Magazine, Summer 2008
  • Nelson, Susan. "Effective Confrontation Skills and Personal Inconsistencies". International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine, July 2007, Washington, D.C.
  • Nelson, Susan. “Say That Again Please" - Practical communication skills that enhance history gathering, informed decision-making and client compliance. KSU Annual Conference for Veterinarians, June 2007.
  • Nelson, Susan. "Practical Applications of Communication Skills". Informed-Decision Making, Managing Crisis Situations and Euthanasia. KSU Annual Conference for Veterinarians, June 2007.
  • Nelson, Susan. New Anti-Obesity Medication available soon for Paunchy Pooch, but K-State Vet. Says There are Other Ways to Slim Pet., KSU Media Relations. January 18, 2007.
  • Nelson, Susan. Bite Prevention Presentation for 2007 World Rabies Day Celebration, KSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Manhattan, KS.