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College of Veterinary Medicine

Dean's Administrative Staff

Katherine CarlgrenKatherine Carlgren
Administrative Assistant: Veterinary Health Center
Lisa DuerLisa Duer
Grants Manager and Program Coordinator for the Associate Dean for Research
Gail EyestoneGail Eyestone
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Lenay MartenayLenay Martinay
Administrative Assistant for Graduate Programs
Mary Sue MooreMary Sue Moore
Administrative Assistant for Admissions and Diversity
Miranda SchremmerMiranda Schremmer
Coordinator of Student Services
Megan UmscheidMegan Umscheid
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Counselor Office

Mac HafenMac Hafen

Christina QuigleyChristina Quigley
Student Services Coordinator

Adryanna Siqueira DrakeAdryanna Siqueira Drake
Student Counselor