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College of Veterinary Medicine

2020 Student Research Synopses

2020 Schedule
Veterinary Student Research Synopses
Wednesdays, 8:30am-9:30am, Zoom


Student Presenting

 May 20

 Orientation week - no meeting 

 May 27

 Alex, Ariel

 June 3

 Zack, Breanna

 June 10

 Zixuan, Jayden

 June 17

 Cierra, Molly

 June 24

 Payton, Laura

 July 1

 Maddie, Lauren

 July 8

 Marissa, Shanice

 July 15

 Merck Animal Health: Virtual Tour and Visit with Merck Veterinarians

 July 22


Guidelines for Student Research Synopses

Based on feedback from previous years, scholars are interested in what each other are learning and researching throughout the summer and would like to hear about each other’s projects.  Each Wednesday morning, two scholars will present via zoom, each taking about 10 minutes to present.  Presentations should include:

  1. Fun information about the scholar that the rest of the VRSP team should know (where are you from, what are your hidden talents, what are your hobbies, what type of vet do you want to be, what is on your bucket list in life?)
  2. Synopsis of Research Project Design
    • The study’s background, research question, objective and hypothesis, and the methods learned and used to collect data.
    • Scholars can use powerpoint or can speak more casually.
      • Either way, this is expected to be introductory and does not need to be reviewed, edited, or polished by their research mentor.
      • The synopsis is intended to ensure that scholars have a solid grasp on their study’s reasoning and design, give scholars a chance to organize how they will present their study, and give them an opportunity (in a very friendly environment) to articulate this portion of their study presentation.  If powerpoint is chosen, scholars can use the available template and example; this option might be helpful to give scholars a head start for a future conference presentation of their research.
      • All VRSP scholars will be expected to attend these presentations via zoom and mentors will be invited as well and can attend as their schedule allows.
      • After each presentation, there will be time for friendly discussion of the project and opportunity for scholars to ask questions about the study and methods used.