Graduate Certificate Program

Stem Cell Biotechnology Graduate Certificate

Contact: Mark Weiss

The certificate is offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine. The overarching purpose of the certificate program is to add value to other degrees in the biological and life sciences, specifically including animal sciences, veterinary medicine, biology and biochemistry.

Certificate Requirements

Students with graduate standing and a 3.0 GPA in a field in the biological sciences or with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in the MS/PhD/DVM curriculum are eligible to enroll. Exceptions are possible upon approval by the coordinator in consultation with the faculty.

Fifteen hours are required. The core courses are designed to ensure a benchmark level of knowledge about stem cell biotechnology.

Elective courses are intended to allow for: (1) specific advancement toward research competence in the field or (2) commercialization of stem cell and related technology.

Courses in the certificate may be included in graduate programs upon approval of the student’s major professor and advisory committee. Inclusion of courses from other institutions and programs may be substituted for credit in the certificate in stem cell biotechnology with the approval of the program director in consultation with associated faculty.

Required Courses

AP 711 - Stem Cells and Comparative Biomedicine: 1 credit
VAP888- Stem Cells and Comparative Biomedicine (for DVM students): 1 credit
AP 850 - Stem Cell Techniques: 2 credits. Pre-requisite AP 711 VAP 888, AP 999
AP 999 - Stem Cell Journal Club: 1 credit - Taken two times. Pre-requisite. AP 711 or VAP 888

Elective Courses for Emphasis in Research or Entrepreneurship

Any three of the remaining courses qualify for the remaining credit hour requirements.

AP 710 - Microscopic Anatomy I Credits: 5
AP 995 - Problems in Physiology Credits: 1-18
AP 999 - Problems in Physiology: 1-6
BIOL 510 - Developmental Biology Credits: 3
BIOL 670 - Immunology Credits: 4
BIOL 671 - Immunology Lab Credits: 2
BIOL 705 - Eukaryotic Genetics Credits: 3
BIOL 707 - Advanced Cell Biology Credits: 3
BIOL 886 - Confocal, Fluorescence and Light Microscopy Credits: 3
DMP 705 - Principles of Veterinary Immunology Credits: 2
DMP 878 - Applications of Flow Cytometry Credits: 1-3
GRAD 820 - Leadership Practicum Credits: 3
MANGT 845 - Technology Entrepreneurship and Strategy Credits: 3
PLPTH 610 - Biotechnology Credits: 3