News - 2013

The Chinese preVet-DVM program students facilitated the staff exchange between the AVMA and CVMA

(May 27, 2013)

On May 27, 2013, Deputy Secretary Generals Wang Qingbo and Yuan Leilei of the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) arrived at the headquarters of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and started their two-week staff exchange visit. The staff exchange program between the AVMA and CVMA aims to foster a closer relationship between these two organizations. Founded in 2009, the CVMA is interested in learning more about Association operations and governance from the AVMA, which is celebrating its 150 anniversary this year.

To facilitate the communication between the CVMA visitors and AVMA personnel and at the request of AVMA, Dr. Jishu Shi, Director of the U.S.-China Center for Animal Health (USCCAH) at Kansas State University (KSU), recommended that the Chinese preVet-DVM program students Jing Li and Bo Liu work closely with CVMA and AVMA as interpreters. With the help of Bo and Jing, Drs. Wang and Yuan successfully met with AVMA personnel from different divisions such as Publication Division, Communication Division, and American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF). They also attended the AVMA Executive Board meeting and met with AVMA President Dr. Doug Aspros.

Jing and Bo’s hard work as interpreters between the CVMA and AVMA got praise from the AVMA. The following is an email sent to Dean Richardson, Dr. Shi and Dr. Wang from Dr. Beth Sabin, Associate Director of the AVMA International & Diversity Initiatives.

“Dear Drs. Richardson, Shi, and Wang:

On behalf of Dr. Doug Aspros, AVMA President, and Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA Executive Vice President and CEO, please extend the AVMA’s thanks to Bo Liu and Jason Li for willingly giving of their time and energy by serving as interpreters for Dr. Wang and Mrs. Yuan of the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (ChVMA) over the past two weeks at AVMA Headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. We all very much enjoyed getting to know Bo and Jason and learning more about the U.S.-trained Chinese DVM program. And thanks to each of you for assisting in identifying Bo and Jason as two excellent student interpreters! Their participation in the recent ChVMA/AVMA exchange made everything proceed smoothly.”