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EmeritisVeterinary Medical Library

Veterinary Medical Library
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University
1710 Denison Avenue
422 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-5614

785-532-2838 fax

Due to public health and financial concerns, the Veterinary Medical Library will not be providing library or print graphics services, including email and other online services. We will return Monday, July 27th. Please see below for options. 

Library Information 

For up-to-date status of operations for K-State Libraries, Ask a Librarian, and reference services: please visit https://www.lib.k-state.edu/continuation

Interlibrary Loan Services: please visit https://www.lib.k-state.edu/interlibrary-loan; or, contact ill@ksu.edu 

Returning library items: please use one of the two on-campus book drops. Location information: https://www.lib.k-state.edu/returning

Renewing library items: please visit the online portal (found here) to renew your items; or, contact Hale Circulations at halecirc@ksu.edu

University release forms: please contact Hale Circulation at halecirc@ksu.edu

Veterinary Medical Library Contact Options

For assistance with faculty research and services, and/or IACUC: Please email Gayle Willard, VML Director, at gwillard@vet.k-state.eduPlease put URGENT in subject field of email.