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College of Veterinary Medicine

A Letter from Jack Ellithorpe


February 2, 2010

Dear classmates of 1970 KSU CVM:

 I have finalized the events for the dinner the evening of June 5th at the Alumni Center on Anderson Ave.  All responses can be made to me at eliksu@gmail.com or to Cheri Ubel ubel@vet.k-state.edu.   There is also a reply card enclosed that you may fill out and return.

Guests anticipated are Drs. Dan Upson, John Noordsy, Jerry Vestweber, Fred Oehme, Neil Anderson and Bob Taussig as well as others with spouses.  A person or persons from the offices of President Schulz, Development/Alumni, or Athletics will be giving updates on the programs at KSU in academia and athletics.
Cocktails (cash bar) starting at 5:30.  Dinner will be at 6:30 with classmate updates following dinner.  If there is a desire for a get together Sunday we can wing it or set Max Russell to the task of entertaining us.
The dinner fees will be determined once we have an idea of classmates and guests with spouses plan to attend.  We will be sending out registration for the reunion sometime in April. The menu is BBQ brisket, Ham, and baked chicken with three salads, casseroles and desert.  Bockers II (previously owner of the Chef cafe) will be our caterer.  Any questions or special dinner requests please feel free to call me.  Bob Limbocker informed me that if we are still hungry after our dinner, the "Chef" stays open until 2 AM.

My personal cell phone number is 303-908-2839.  I have been in touch with several of the classmates the past few years and encourage all to attend.

Hopefully, there are some of us who will get a foursome or two together for the Scholarship Tournament.  I plan on participating.  It will be Monday, June 7.

Cordially, Eli.


PS: Roger and Sherri Perkins said they would come if Bill Pollack will return. 

Jack Ellithorpe, DVM 
CWD Spec. VMO/Field
755 Parfet St., Suite 136
Lakewood, CO 80215
Ph. 303-231-5385 Ext. 5502
Cell 303-888-6815