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College of Veterinary Medicine

A Letter from Jack Ellithorpe

July 29, 2009 

Classmates of KSU CVM 1970 

Subject: 40th (can you believe it) Reunion. 

Dear Classmates, since I wasn’t told until after the last reunion was over that we were supposed to elect an individual to organize the next reunion; you got me again by default. (At least that’s what I thought Ralph R. said). I truly do enjoy doing it, though. 

This is just an early reminder that we have reserved a room at the Alumni Center for Saturday June 5, 2010 for the reunion. Perhaps we can get some other ideas of activities from our Classmates as to what else we can do, i.e., a picnic on the 6th (?) so we don’t have to try an cram all our visiting into one evening. 

This letter and ongoing communications will be posted on our class Web site that is now set up through the college’s alumni site. The address is http://www.vet.k-state.edu/alumni/classes/1970/. We are also trying to set up a class email list serve so be prepared to respond to our Alumni coordinator with your email addresses. 

With Warmest Regards, 
AKA Jack Ellithorpe