Dr. W. Michael Simon - DVM 1982

Western Veterinary Conference 2001

The Veterinary Medical Alumni Association presented Dr. William Michael Simon with an Alumni Recognition Award at the Western Veterinary Conference on February 12, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nev. He was recognized for time and effort devoted to advancing the profession of veterinary medicine and for being an exemplary role model for future alumni of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University.

Dr. Mike Simon was born in Manhattan, Kansas. and grew up in Mankato, Kansas. He attended Pittsburg State University on a basketball scholarship and graduated in 1976 with a B.S. degree in Education. He also married his wife, Loy, that same year.

After graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at K-State in 1982, he moved to Las Vegas to begin working in a small animal and equine practice. He bought into a partnership and built Warm Springs Animal Hospital in 1985 and attained 100% ownership in 1995. The hospital has since evolved into a strictly small animal practice. Additionally, Dr. Simon has been professionally associated with Siegfried and Roy for the last eighteen years and has also been on staff at the Mirage dolphin habitat since 1989.

One of Dr. Simon's most memorable experiences has been to assist with the transport the Orca whale, Keiko, of the "Free Willy" movies. Free Willy the Killer Whale was transported from Newport, Ore. to the Westmann Islands of Iceland in 1998. The great mammal's health had deteriorated and Dr. Simon, along with a handful of other veterinarians, rehabilitated him back into excellent condition.

Dr. Simon has been blessed with a wonderful family with two daughters, Ashlie, 19, and Emily, 17.