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College of Veterinary Medicine


Update to 2020-21 application cycle: Zoom interviews and CASPer assessment requirement

On-campus interviews are required of applicants selected for further consideration after academic evaluations are completed. If invited, attendance at the interview is required, as telephone interviews and interviews conducted by other electronic means are not offered. 

Applicants are evaluated on motivation, maturity, communication skills, experience with and knowledge of animals, general knowledge, career awareness, goals, aspirations, and leadership potential. To demonstrate an understanding of the profession to the Admissions Committee, all individuals interested in applying to the College of Veterinary Medicine are encouraged to have an extensive array of animal- and veterinary-related experience. 

After interviews during an application cycle have concluded, the Admissions Committee meets with the Dean to determine the members of the incoming class of students. Offer statuses are made on the basis of academic profiles, integrity, character, communication and interpersonal skills, leadership ability, animal- and veterinary-related experience, and overarching knowledge of the veterinary profession.