Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas

In 2006, the Kansas Legislature passed the Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas (VTPRK), which provides financial incentive for veterinary students to practice in rural Kansas upon their graduation from the four-year professional DVM program. Up to five students are selected each year during their first year in the DVM program to receive a loan of $20,000 per year for four years to help cover tuition and other school-related expenses.

After graduating from the DVM program, for each year that the graduate works full-time in a veterinary practice in a Kansas county with fewer than 35,000 residents, a year of their loans is forgiven. In addition to completing the four-year DVM curriculum, students selected in their first year for the VTPRK spend additional time during the summer months learning about public health, rural sociology, natural disaster preparedness, and foreign animal diseases.

As of 2018, 66 individuals have been selected to participate in the Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas and have received debt forgiveness loans. Through this program, student debt is reduced and underserved counties throughout Kansas are provided with passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated veterinarians eager to help serve unique communities across the Sunflower State.