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What Practitioners Say

"I think this is a good addition to the college program. It appears that the students need more exposure and experience in clinical situations and dealing with clients prior to their later years in school." – Kansas practitioner, 2011

"Over the last two years we have had several students from KSU and from another university participate in externships at our practice. I can honestly say (without my KSU bias) as a whole the students from KSU have had a much higher knowledge base. We should all be proud of the veterinarians you are producing." – Oklahoma practitioner, 2011

"This was my first experience, and it was very positive. It was fun showing [this student] what we do, and I think she enjoyed it also. This is something that is valuable for the practitioner, also. I was surprised."  – Kansas practitioner, 2011

“Our clinic has an open door policy for anyone who wants to observe or experience veterinary medicine in a mixed practice. The mentor program allows us to enjoy student enthusiasm and learn from them as well as improve their next two years. Thanks for the opportunity.” - Kansas Practitioner, 2010

"Great idea. Allows familiarization of veterinary practice and practical approach to well educated students." 
- Pennsylvania practitioner, 2010

"Looks like KSU is still doing a great job!" 
- California practitioner, 2010

"This interaction between students and mentor has been very positivie and rewarding. I would gladly become involved again if the chance arises." 
- Missouri practitioner, 2010

"I was so refreshed to meet someone like (this student), who is so dedicated to learning and so great with animals. I would be honored to have him part of my team." 
- Kansas practitioner, 2010

"I would consider (the mentorships) very helpful to broaden a students experience and to prepare them for their post-graduate experience." 
- California practitioner, 2010

"It (mentorship/externship) should be mandatory for any veterinary student." 
- New Hampshire practitioner, 2010

"I was reluctant to commit the extra time to providing this internship opportunity, but (this student) has made it a rewarding opportunity for both of us." 
- Kansas practitioner, 2010

"The opportunity to have a student from Kansas State in our practice for a few days was a breath of fresh air. I look forward to having the opportunity to have more students from K-State." 
- Illinois practitioner, 2010

"I think that your mentorship program in the various disciplines of vet mendicine is excellent. Your list of skills provides a very good guideline of objectives to attain for the vet and vet student." 
- Texas practitioner, 2010

Great program!!! - South Dakota practitioner, 2010

"We truly enjoy hosting students-we learn from them as well as they learn from us-it is mutually beneficial. I think it is important for students to find good practices to spend time in and we welcome the chance to host more." 
- Missouri practitioner, 2010

"Mentorship is essential for the future of the profession." 
- Nebraska practitioner, 2010

“I believe that it is very important for students to experience clinics first hand before they enter the field. I feel that they are able to witness what really goes on in a clinic setting, how to deal with the variety of clients, and how to manage cases on a budget.”  
- California practitioner, 2010

“The program is a good idea in that it gives these young students an opportunity to see first hand the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the past school year.”  
- Arizona practitioner, 2010

“Please send other students to our practice for mentorship. This is something I truly enjoyed and look forward to meeting and working alongside other students.”  
- Nebraska practitioner, 2010