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College of Veterinary Medicine

Vision and Mission

Our Vision: To represent the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine as an organization of veterinary students dedicated to the facilitation of and collaboration with the public health community, and to serve as an advocate for public policies that result in improved human and animal health. (adapted from the AAPHV vision statement - http://www.aaphv.org/ )

Our Mission:The mission of the KSU CVM Public Health Club is to promote the science, art, and practice of public health, epidemiology, biosafety and preventive medicine, especially in regard to zoonoses and infectious diseases. The Club carries out this mission by providing a forum for the discussion of public health issues of importance to the veterinary profession, the training of veterinary students in the implementation of public health strategies, and the promotion of awareness within the veterinary community as well as the public community. The Club will consistently support programs to promote and improve the education, communication and collaboration of public health veterinary efforts in order to reduce human and animal disease and disability, to improve human and animal population well-being, and to integrate the contributions of veterinary medicine to the successful practice of public health. (adapted from the AAPHV vision statement - http://www.aaphv.org/ )