Basic Science — Oral Presentation

  • First place — Alexandria Zabiegla, graduate student, "Spike Protein Mediated Entry of SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV to Assess Host Susceptibilities and Infection Efficiencies"
  • Second place — Konner Cool, graduate student, "Experimental infection of Calves (Bos taurus) with SARS-CoV-2"
  • Third place — Kortnee VanDonge, third-year veterinary student, "Safety of Wild-Caught Musca Domestica for use as Protein Supplement in Animal Feed"

Basic Science — poster presentations - Alexandria Zabiegla, Konner Cool and Kortnee VanDonge
Konner Cool, Kortnee VanDonge and Alexandria Zabiegla


Applied/Clinical Science, Small animal/exotics – Oral Presentation

  • First place — Kamilyah Miller, graduate student, "Detection of Echinococcus spp. in Coyotes in the Midwest United States"
  • Second place — Nathan Jackson, third-year student, "A Prevalence and Descriptive Study of Rhino Horn Callus in Femoral Fractures in Dogs at an Academic Teaching Hospital (2009-2021)"
  • Third place — Trey Tomlinson, third-year student, "Evaluation of an Oral Lotilaner Product in Controlling Flea Populations on Naturally Infested Cats in Private Residences in West Central Florida"

Applied/Clinical Science, Small animal/exotics – Oral Presentations - Kamilyah Miller, Nathan Jackson, Trey Tomlinson
Trey Tomlinson, Nathan Jackson and Kamilyah Miller


Applied/Clinical Science, Large Animal – Oral Presentation

  • First place — Maria Lou, graduate student, "Evaluation of Oral Firocoxib, Administered to the Sow and Delivered Transmammary to Piglets, to Alleviate Pain Associated with Tail Docking and Castration"
  • Second Place — Paige Schmidt, third-year student, "Determining Frequency of Common Pulmonary Gross and Histopathological Findings in Feedyard Fatalities"
  • Third Place — Rachel Brown, second-year student, "Prevalence of Liver Abscess in Feed Yard Mortalities During the Feeding Period and Association with Demographic Factors"

Applied/Clinical Science, Large Animals – Oral Presentations - Maria Lou, Paige Schmidt and Rachel Brown
Maria Lou, Paige Schmidt and Rachel Brown


Basic - Poster Presentation

  • First place — Marliee Robbins, second-year student, "The Antihelminthic Drug Niclosamide Inhibits Growth of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells"
  • Second Place — Douglas Farleigh, second-year student, "In Vitro Effects of Palmitoylethanolamide in Canine Mast Cell Tumor Cell Lines"
  • Third Place — Frachesca Rollerson-Clark, second-year student, "Identification of Canine Cytochrome P450 Enzymes Involved in the Metabolism of Antiepileptic Drug"

Basic - Poster Presentation - Doug Farleigh, Marliee Robbins and Frachesca Rollerson-Clark
Douglas Farleigh,
Marliee Robbins and Frachesca Rollerson-Clark


Applied/Clinical Science – Poster Presentation

  • First place — Erin Mayhue, second-year student, "Glucagon-Like Peptide-2 and Fecal Score Correlation in Dogs with Chronic Enteropathies"
  • Second Place — Dannell Kopp, second-year student, "The Economic Impact and Factors Influencing the Comparison of Three Metaphylactic Options to Control Bovine Respiratory Disease in Feedlot Cattle"
  • Third Place — Grace Wilson, third-year student, "Prevalence of Dipylidium Caninum in Ctenocephalides Felis Collected from Cats, Dogs, and Homes in Tampa, FL"

Applied/Clinical Science – Poster Presentation - Dannel Kopp and Erin Mayhue
Danell Kopp and Erin Mayhue (not pictured, Grace Wilson)


Endowed Scholarships and Awards


Benjamin and Catherine Kurz Research Scholarship

Kurz Scholarship - Dr. Kate KuKanich, Astrid Carcamo-Tzic and Dr. Butch KuKanich
Astrid Carcamo-Tzic, first-year veterinary student, with Dr. Kate and Butch KuKanich


Miller Pathology Scholarship Award

Miller Pathology Scholarship - Bailey Fritz and Dr. Derek MosierBailey Fritz, doctoral student, with Dr. Derek Mosier


A.S.R. Ganta Graduate Award

ASR Ganta Grad Award, Maria Lou with Dr. M.M. Chengappa
Maria Lou, doctoral student, with Dr. M.M. Chengappa


A.S.R. Ganta Veterinary Student Award

ASR Ganta Veterinary Student, Conrad Schelkopf Cristina Marquez and Dr. M.M. Chengappa
Conrad Schelkopf and Cristina Marquez, third-year veterinary students, with Dr. M.M. Chengappa.


Dr. Harish C. and Ved K. Minocha Scholarship

Minocha Scholarships, Stephen Edache, Theresa Quintana and Pratiksha Khanal with Dr. Harish Minocha
Dr. Harish Minocha, graduate students Stephen Edache, Theresa Quintana and Pratiksha Khanal, and Ved Minocha.


Zoetis Research Award for Excellence in Research by a Faculty Member

Zoetis Research Award, Drs. Dana Vanlandingham and Frank Blecha
Dr. Dana Vanlandingham, professor in diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, shown with Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Frank Blecha


Keynote Speaker, Dr. Amelia Woolums

Dr. Amelia Woolums, keynote speaker

Dr. Amelia Woolums, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVP, held an agricultural services internship at K-State during the 1988-1989 school year. During her keynote address on "The Host Response in Bovine Respiratory Disease: What Do We Know?”, she took a moment to acknowledge some of her former instructors and colleagues. Dr. Woolums holds the Mikell and Mary Cheek Hall Davis Endowed Professorship in the Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine at Mississippi State University.


New members/initiates to Phi Zeta

Student Initiates

Class of 2023 (rank scholastically in top 25% of the class)

  • Allyson Hertig
  • Kaitlin Marley
  • Rebecca Ullom-Minnich
  • Kamryn Ritter-Shapero
  • Karen Hood
  • Jackson McCoole
  • Payton Wise
  • Yu Shin ”Demi” Wang
  • Jackson Balcom
  • Chadron Koehn
  • Caroline Bogle
  • Monica Anderson
  • Kami Miller
  • Madeline Butterfield
  • Amelia Schoenecke
  • Cassandra Gioffre

Class of 2023 (rank scholastically in top 10% of the class)

  • Shanice Harris
  • Ashton O’Brien
  • Amanda Hoffman
  • Zixuan Wang
  • Shumin Li
  • Morgan Hull
  • Courtney Shoemaker
  • Cheyenne Brown
  • Ariel Carruth
  • Meagan O’Brien
  • Jonathan Rutledge

Class of 2024 (rank scholastically in top 10% of the class)
Class of 2024 Phi Zeta InitiatesFront row, left to right: Haley Wagner, Cristina Marquez, Angela Gaggiano, Madison Breault, Bailey Fritz and Eva Borgman. Back row: Conrad Schelkopf, Trey Tomlinson, Nathan Jackson and Alexandra Jahns. Not pictured: Joseph Kempin and Anne Brien.

House Officer Initiates

House Officer Phi Zeta Initiates
Drs. Michelle Riehm and Anne Lovett. Not pictured: Drs. Cassie Baumgarten, Sarah Broom, Francine Calvaruso, Scott Fritz, Megan Kelley and Mackenzie Whyte.

Faculty Initiates

House Officer Phi Zeta Initiate Dr. Bryan Weaver
Dr. Bryan Weaver. Not pictured: Drs. Stefanie Durbin, Melissa Upchurch and Vien O.

Honorary Member

Not pictured: Phillip Lancaster