Laura Constance – Cochlear pendrin expression is not a requirement for maintaining hearing after noise exposure

Ellen Heinrich – Effect of Sucralfate on the Relative Bioavailability of Minocycline in Greyhound Dogs

Susumu Ishiguro

Basic Science Research Presentations:

1st place:
Vinay Shivanna – Host Factors Required for Entry of Caliciviruses into Host Cells

2nd Place :
Qinfang Liu – Newcastle disease virus-vectored H5 and H7 live vaccine completely protect chickens from viral replication and shedding after challenge with the H5N1 and H7N9 avian influenza

3rd Place:
Pavan Rajanahalli – Derivation and Characterization of Rat IPS Cells Using a Mouse STEMCCA Reprogramming Vector

Case Report:

Ellie Nuth, DVM – Diagnostic Imaging of Canine Iliopsoas Abscess

Clinical Science/ Applied Research Companion Animal/Other Presentations:

1st Place:
Megan C. Niederwerder – Clinical response of 4-week old pigs following challenge with porcine epidemic diarrhea virus

2nd Place :
Jennifer M. Reinhart – Mean corpuscular volume difference (dMCV) as a marker for serum hypertonicity during water deprivation in dogs

3rd Place:
Ellen Heinrich – Public health campaign to promote hand hygiene before meals in a college of veterinary medicine

Clinical Science/ Applied Research Food Animal Presentations:

1st Place:
Megan C. Niederwerder – Characterizing the effects of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) modified-live virus vaccination on the response of 8-week old pigs to co-infection with PRRS virus and porcine circovirus type 2

2nd Place:
Aaron Schaffer – The association between calfhood BRDC and subsequent departure from the herd, milk production, and reproduction: an observational, retrospective, study

3rd Place :
Pragathi B. Shridhar – Prevalence and characterization of E. coli O104 in cattle feces

Other Special Awards

Benjamin and Catherine Kurz Research Scholarship - Michael Porta

A.S.R. Ganta Graduate Student Award - Scott Ferguson

A.S.R. Ganta Veterinary Student Award - Michelle Pavlick

Miller Pathology Scholarship Award - Ashlea Berry

Dr. Harish C. and Ved K. Minocha Scholarship - Vinay Shivanna

Zoetis Research Award for Excellence in Research by a Faculty Member - Dr. Timothy I. Musch,Anatomy and Physiology

Dr. Cornelius Graduate Student Travel Award - Ellen Heinrich

Mahlon Vorhies Production Animal Award - Shane Terrell

Phi Zeta Manuscript Competition Clinical/Applied Manuscript - Dr. Neena Kanwar