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College of Veterinary Medicine

DMP Visiting Scholars


Li Chen

Visiting from China to work in a project to develop targeted mutagenesis in a Chlamydia species pathogen. Chlamydia species have similar development cycle as the Ehrlichia and Anaplasma species and that the mutagenesis experiments remain a major challenge.

Program dates 12/01/2017 thru 12/01/2018


lichen@vet.k-state.edu Dr. Ganta

Rui Wu

Visiting from China to conduct swine influenza related basic research.

Program dates, 10/01/2017 thru 09/30/2018


Dr. Ma

heweiHewei Zhang

Visiting from China to conduct research to fulfill his PhD degree.

Program dates, 11/01/16 thru 04/30/18


Dr. Ying Fang