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College of Veterinary Medicine

Student Wellness Proposals 

We want to fund your wellness ideas.  We are looking for innovative student-designed and implemented ideas that can positively impact CVM students’ physical, mental, emotional, and/or social well-being.  Whether your idea is big or small, we want to hear it.  Of course, we don’t have unlimited funds, but we welcome your creative, bold ideas.  Selected wellness proposals will be fully funded by the CVM. 

Successful proposals will include:

  • Clear links to CVM student wellness (we want to know the expected impact of the activity)
  • Detailed project description outlining how you plan to make your idea happen if funded (the more developed and detailed your idea is, the better chance it has to be funded)
  • Itemized budget (we need to know specific expected expenses) 

Things we can’t pay for, so please don’t include them in your proposals:

  • Alcohol
  • Gift cards or cash rewards