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College of Veterinary Medicine

Continuing Education
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University
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Recorded Seminars

The following seminars will be offered online, free of cost to Annual Conference attendees until July 31, 2020.  You can access online CE's by clicking here.  

A ‘How-To’ Guide: Placement and Management of Nasogastric and Esophageal Feeding Tubes in Small Animal Patients
~Dr. Maria Jugan - Kansas State University

Immunotherapy for Veterinary Cancer Patients
~Dr. Raelene Wouda - Kansas State University

This presentation will address the spectrum of immunotherapeutic options commercially available, or advancing along the R&D pipeline, for the management of cancer in our companion animals. The emphasis will be on dogs, given the majority of therapeutics are intended for use in this species, but with mention of our equine and feline friends.

Recognizing and Treating Corneal Ulcers in Horses
~Dr. Jordan Roberts - Kansas State University

My lecture is called Recognizing and Treating Corneal Ulcers in Horses. It outlines how to perform an effective equine ophthalmic examination, and describes the types of corneal ulcers encountered in equine patients, as well as treatment recommendations.

Update on Proterinuria in Dogs and Cats
~Dr. William Whitehouse

This lecture will review the identification, assessment, and management of proteinuria in dogs and cats. We will cover etiologies of proteinuria and current recommendations for management including renal biopsies, standard therapy, and immunosuppressive therapy.

Feline Oral Pathology
~Dr. Douglas Winter

This presentation will cover basic feline oral pathology, including how to correctly identify, treat and manage issues that are commonly encountered; specifically, caudal mucositis (feline chronic gingivostomatitis), juvenile periodontitis/hyperplastic gingivitis, periodontal disease, common dentition and soft tissue problems like tooth resorption (Types 1 and 2) and neoplasia.

Standing Oral Proceedings
~Dr. Chris Blevins

An update on pregnancy toxemia in small ruminants
~Dr. Leslie Wagner