Clinical Sciences Staff

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Amy BruskAmy Brusk
Grant Specialist

  • Proposal preparation
  • Liaison to Pre-Awards Services on main campus for contractual agreements and awards
  • Grant financial reporting
2 Trotter Hall 785-532-3897

Kelsey DeckerKelsey Decker
Veterinary Nurse
Shelter Medicine

O217 Mosier Hall 785-532-4122

Nelwyn CookNelwyn Cook
Senior Administrative Specialist
Outside Externships

A111D Mosier Hall 785-532-4304

Kate DrewKate Drew
Senior Administrative Specialist
Graduate Students

A111D Mosier Hall 785-532-4122

Amy Elswick Amy Elswick
Administrative Assistant
Ross/St. George University Students

A111B Mosier Hall 785-532-4422

Gina Jensen Gina Jensen
Junior Surgery Lab Manager

O261 Mosier Hall 785-532-4150

Mahmood Taghreed Mahmood
Research Analyst

0-214 Mosier Hall 785-532-4356

Kris Richardson Kris Richardson
Clinical Trials Coordinator

A117-A Mosier Hall 785-532-3046

RoseSusan Rose
Clinical Education Technician

0221 Mosier Hall


Kara SmithKara Smith
Laboratory Manager

  • Testing services for evaluation of thyroid and adrenal function for the VHC.
  • Testing services for reevaluation of cats treated for hyperthyroidism.
  • Technical support for Clinical Science faculty research.
0-214 Mosier Hall 785-532-4275