Magna Online Seminars

The on-demand video with captioning, final transcript, PowerPoint handouts, and supplemental materials for Magna Online Seminars can now be viewed using the individual links listed below. On-demand access to the seminar is available for one year from the date of the live seminar.

Four Common Teaching Traps and How to Avoid Them On-Demand

Three Secrets to Building Diverse and Inclusive Online Learning Environments On-Demand

Flex Learning: Helping Students Choose Their Path to Success

Teaching to the Core: Ensuring the Success of Professional-Track Students

The Role of the Strategic Plan in Building Faculty Development Programs

Collaborative Learning Approaches that Support Neurodiverse Students

Creative Course Design: Yes You Can!

Connect Learning Across Courses with Curriculum Mapping

Strategies for Making Lectures More Active, Engaging, and Meaningful

Students and Social Media: How Much is Too Much?

Building a Tougher Student: Applying the Research on Intellectual Development

Create Influence Beyond Campus: Video Basics for Faculty

Using Motivational Interviewing to Engage and Motivate Faculty

Fostering Resilience in Assault Survivors

Department Chairs: Trends and Issues Over Time

Talking about Student Evaluation Results: What to Say and How to Say It

Build International Student Success with Intercultural Awareness

Policies, Practices for Supporting Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Engage and Empower Students by Using Wikipedia

Student Entitlement: Truth, Fiction, or Some of Both

Course Planning by the Calendar

Understanding and Educating Generation Z Students

How to Create a Successful Graduate Teaching Assistant Training and Development Program

Building Professionalism in Professional-track Students

Effective Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Strategies and Tactics for Institutionalizing Open Educational Resources

Simple Strategies to Create an Inclusive Classroom for Gender Variant Students

What are Microaggressions and What Can I Do About Them?

Hacking Multimedia for Effective Learning