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College of Veterinary Medicine

Anatomy and Physiology

Emergency Information

The Department of Anatomy and Physiology requires its members to be properly trained in all aspects of laboratory, radiation and chemical safety and to be able to respond properly in the event of an emergency. In addition, each laboratory is required to provide training to its members in the safety practices particular to that laboratory.

Training and resources

The links listed below are supported by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, and provide all of the necessary information and contacts for training as well as emergency response.

Online Health and Safety Training
Laboratory Safety Manuals, including an Emergency Response Plan
Emergency contacts

Each laboratory is required to have emergency contact names and phone numbers posted on the outside of their laboratories. In the event of an emergency, these individuals will be contacted.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Fire, Ambulance and Police: 911
KSU police: 785-532-6412

Department of Anatomy and Physiology

Dr. Bruce Schultz
Work: 785-532-4839

Dr. Hans Coetzee
Work: 785-532-4513
Home: 515-231-7688

KSU CVM Facilities Emergency Call List

Allan Leikam
Cell: 785-565-1764
Work: 785-532-6711

Electrical power:
Gary Morgan
Home: 785-776-3675
Work: 785-532-6711

Bill Hyneck
Home: 785-537-0125
Work: 785-532-6711

Campus Environmental Health and Safety Department

Christina Aguilera:
Home: 911 (the campus emergency response unit has immediate contact numbers for Ms. Aguilera and her team)
Work: 785-532-5856