Veterinary student clubs collaborate to celebrate Asian New Year traditions

The student chapters of the Association of Asian Veterinary Medical Professionals (AAVMP) and Veterinarians as One Inclusive Community for Empowerment (VOICE) collaborated Feb. 19 in the BI Auditorium to celebrate and educate others about Lunar New Year/New Year events that are held throughout Central, East and Southeast Asia.


Back row, from left: First-year student Mengqiao (Sophie) Xie, Dr. Yoshihiro Azuma, Dr. Peying Fong, Dr. Yunjeong Kim, first-year student Mia Kim, second-year student Taylor Chin and first-year student Innjae Jeong. Front row: Second-year student Danqin Li, first-year student Xinyu Fu, second-year student Maura Porter and third-year student Reese Bailey.

"We invited KSUCVM faculty Drs. Peying Fong, Yoshihiro Azuma and Yunjeong Kim to speak about their cultures' and families' traditions during the New Year season," said AAVMP President and second-year student Maura Porter. "We then had AAVMP executive board members speak about some Central and Southeast Asian New Years traditions. We provided food for all attendees from Tasty China House and all KSUCVM students, faculty, staff, and house officers were invited."

Top inset: Sophie, Maura and Taylor talk about New Years customs in Southeast Asia. Bottom left: Dr. Yunjeong Kim lists some traditions in South Korea. Bottom right: Dr. Yoshihiro Azuma explains that Lunar New Year is not celebrated in Japan, before sharing the other traditons that are observered.

Maura said there were about 75 attendees overall and that all had a lot of fun promoting cultural awareness!

AAVMP buffetGuests are treated with an Asian cuisine to fit the day's theme.