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College of Veterinary Medicine

Kansas City Veterinary College transfer to Kansas State Agricultural College

Willard's History of Kansas State College and Applied Sciences (1940) reports that President Jardine had scarcely taken office before an unusual and important proposal came up for action. The KCVC, after a creditable career extending over many years, decided that in consideration of the development of veterinary colleges in state universities and elsewhere offering curricula based on standard college entrance requirements and supported by public funds, it would be better to close. It proposed to transfer its students to the KSAC on as favorable terms as possible and to donate to it a valuable museum of specimens illustrating pathological conditions.

Dr. R.R. Dykstra, Dean E.L. Holton, and Vice President J. T. Willard were appointed a committee of the Council of Deans to draw up suitable recommendations to the Board of Administration leading to the taking over of the KCVC. After all persons concerned were consulted, a plan was readily agreed upon, the essential points of which were that the KSAC, in accepting the good will and academic records of the KCVC, engaged to preserve the records, and to respond to requests for information concerning graduate and former students of the KCVC, and, whenever it prints lists of its own alumni, to print lists of the alumni of the KCVC; to receive as junior students all high school graduates who had done satisfactory freshman and sophomore work, and to accord sophomore standing to all high school graduates who had completed satisfactorily the full work of the freshman year of the KCVC; and to facilitate in all ways consistent with the standard requirements for graduation from KSAC with the degree doctor of veterinary medicine of any student of the KCVC. The arrangements for taking over the students of this college were approved by the Board of Administration, June 28, 1918, and the transfer was made the next September with the special assistance of Dr. A.T. Kinsley, dean of the faculty of the KCVC. Dr. Albert Thomas Kinsley was one of the early faculty members and graduates from the KCVC.