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College of Veterinary Medicine

Degrees Conferred

The Doctor of Veterinary Science degree was conferred upon alumni of classes 1892 to 1911 and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree was conferred upon alumni of classes 1912 to 1918. A faculty of 20 instructed the 470 students enrolled in this private school in 1908. The curriculum was in accord with a regulation issued by the U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, governing eligibility for positions in the BAI. The school's best recommendation was in the recognition of its graduates by the government, which employed many of them in the U.S. Cavalry, BAI, in the quarantine and meat inspection service.

The school was depleted by the draft of World War I and closed its doors in 1918. Smithcors (1975) notes in "The Veterinarian in America" that the KCVC was noted for its excellent instruction; in 1905, over 40% of all veterinarians in the BAI were KCVC graduates. The Interstate Casket Company used the buildings from 1918 until sometime in the 1930's. The building burned in June 1956, and was razed the following month. Today, the ground is not in use, except for the north half of the block, which was cut away for the construction of I-70.