Marketing and Communications

The Marketing Team was created to coordinate the communications and promotional efforts of KSUCVM and its units. Through this effort, team members are eager to unite college efforts and engage departments and units in marketing efforts. The Marketing Team is available to help create marketing material, plan strategic efforts and assist in promotional efforts. The Marketing Team will use the guiding goals defined below.

Build awareness for the College of Veterinary Medicine and support Kansas State University’s vision of 2025.

  1. Install and uphold quality control measures to ensure consistency in KSUCVM communications
  2. Identify, evaluate and strategically plan communications for audiences of KSUCVM departments and units
  3. Promote internal communications/marketing for individual and collective accomplishments, events and news
  4. Serve as a liaison between the KSUCVM and the Division of Communications and Marketing.

CVM Marketing Guidelines are available as a resource for helping college units meet these goals in addition to their own departmental objectives. To start a project, contact us at