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College of Veterinary Medicine

Scholars Program Workshops

2016 Schedule
Veterinary Research Scholars Workshops
Thursday, 8:30 AM, 235 Coles Hall

DateTopic/Faculty Presenter

May 19

“Serendipity of a Biomedical Researcher”
Dr. Annelise Nguyen, PhD, MBA

May 26

“Private Practice to Pharmacology”
Dr. Butch Kukanich, DVM, PhD

June 02

(Depart 11:00 AM / Return 5:00 PM)

June 09

Licensed for Curiosity – How does one become an
Investigative Veterinary Pathologist?

Dr. Sally Davis, DVM, PhD

June 16

Scientific Presentation” and “Power Point Poster
Dr. Bruce Schutlz & Gina Scott

June 20

BRI Tour @ 9:00AM

June 23

How I Flowed Into Immumology
Dr. Melinda Wilkerson, DVM, PhD 

June 30

Biomedical Research in the Field of Internal Medicine
Dr. Thomas Schermerhorn, VMD, DACVIM(SAIM)

July 07

Dual Degree Programs at KSU and a BRITE Opportunity
Dr. Frank Blecha, DVM, PhD

July 14

“Dual Degree of DVM and MPH”
Dr. Ellyn Mulcahy, PhD, MPH

July 15

Trip to CEVA Biomune in Kansas City
(Depart 8:30 AM / Return 4:30 PM)

July 21

2016 VRSP Student Presentations

July 26

Poster Exhibit

July 28

Depart for Merial-NIH National Scholar Symposium –
Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine