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College of Veterinary Medicine

Research support

Research Committee

The primary responsibility of the Research Committee in the College of Veterinary Medicine is to advise the faculty and the Office of the Dean on matters related to research and research funding.

Intramural Funding Opportunities (password required)

Grant administration

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Grant Administration team will work with the CVM faculty throughout the life cycle of a grant project — from proposal submission to award closeout. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Proposal preparation guidance
  • Budget reviews
  • Liaison to PreAward Services for submission of proposals to funding agencies
  • Preparation of Sponsored Project Transmittal Sheets for sponsored research activity
  • Assistance with industry funded research contracts
  • Monthly financial reporting to investigators
  • Close out accounts
  • Processing and routing of zero dollar agreements (Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements)
Grant administration team
Grant administrationOfficePhoneEmail

Ginger BiesenthalGinger Biesenthal, CRA
Grant Specialist
Anatomy and Physiology
Training Grants (College-wide)

002B Trotter Hall532-4534biesent@vet.k-state.edu

Amy BruskAmy Brusk, MAB, CRA
Lead Grant Specialist
Clinical Sciences
Veterinary Health Center
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

002C Trotter Hall532-3897abrusk@vet.k-state.edu

Bailey StarnsBailey Starns, MACC, CRA
Grant Specialist
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

002E Trotter Hall532-3094bjstarns@vet.k-state.edu

Lori GarwickLori Garwick, CRA
Grant Specialist
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

002D Trotter Hall532-4285lgarwick@vet.k-state.edu
PreAward Services

PreAward Services provides a full range of assistance to faculty, staff and administrators in obtaining and administering funding from non-University sources to support KSU's creative and scholarly activities.

Compliance and responsible conduct

Comparative Medicine Group

The Comparative Medicine Group facilitates animal use in research and teaching at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University by providing high quality animal care in accordance with both federal and state regulations and AAALAC guidelines. 

Research Compliance

University activities that may involve research on human subjects, laboratory animal care and use, or propose to use recombinant DNA or biohazardous materials, must comply with applicable federal, state or local rules, regulations and guidelines.

Animal Use Policy

The College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, endorses and abides by the American Veterinary Medical Association policy on Animal Welfare as formulated by the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee

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