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Educational resources for faculty

PEER Review and Evaluation

Annual PEER Review Groups 2016

Printable list (PDF)

Drs. Apley, A. Rankin, Haynes
Drs. Armbrust, Artzer, White
Drs. Bagladi-Swanson, W. Beard, Klocke
Drs. Grauer, L. Beard, J. Thomason, Radiologist
Drs. Wouda, Schrag, Carpenter
Drs. Delph, Higginbotham, Eshar
Drs. Harkin, Nelson, Grady
Drs. Santschi, D. Rankin, Boyer
Drs. McMurphy, Reppert, KuKanich
Drs. Larson, S. Thomason, Mason
Drs. Roush, Gonzalez, M. Chamorro-Ortega, Cardiologist
Drs. Hodgson, Lutter, Renberg
Drs. Miesner, E. Chamorro-Ortega, Biller
Drs. Schermerhorn, Blevins, Meekins

Review documents

Criteria for Classroom PEER Review (doc)

Clinical Evaluation (doc)

Low Grade Report (CVM login required)
2016-17 Academic calendar
Clinical rotation schedule (pdf)
Veterinary links
Taped Seminars 
Teaching Grant Proposal – Proposals submitted to Dr. David Rankin

DCS Teaching Grants -  $2-3K

             Enhance teaching and upgrade educational equipment

             Projects that contribute to scholarship of teaching and are likely to lead to extramural funds.  

Veterinary Student Mentoring Program: Submitted to Dr. Greg Grauer and Staci Murray