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Educational resources for faculty

PEER Review and Evaluation

Annual PEER Review Groups 2018

Printable list (PDF)

Drs. Mason, Lutter, Bagladi-Swanson, Cassel
Drs. Hafen, Santischi, Apley, J. Thomason
Drs. Drake, Grady, KuKanich, Renberg
Drs. Raghu, E. Chamorro, Klocke, McMurphy
Drs. Larson, Meekins, W. Beard, Dias
Drs. Nelson, L. Beard, A. Rankin, Anselmi
Drs. Hodgson, Robinson, Artzer, M. Upchurch
Drs. Carpenter, D. Rankin, Reppert, Englar
Drs. Biller, Eshar, Blevins, Berke
Drs. White, Wouda, S.Thomason,
Drs. Harkin, M Chamorro, Delph, D. Upchurch
Drs. Roush, Huser, Boyer, Jugan
Drs. Schermerhorn, Miesner, Gonzalez, Higginbotham

Review documents

Criteria for Classroom PEER Review (doc)

Clinical Evaluation (doc)

NEW: If you are interested in assisting with beta testing the new peer review tool, please click on the following link: https://cvmtest.vet.k-state.edu/Teaching/PeerReview/demo/index.html#!/home 

Once you have completed the peer review tool, click the blue “Next” button. It will take your information and change it into report form. At the bottom of the page, click the blue “Download as a Word Document”. You will need to save this document! Then you can email this document to the faculty member being reviewed and to our office. If you do not “Save As”, your data will be lost or irretrievable and you will need to fill in the form again.

Syllabus Template

Syllabus Template (Editable)

Please use this template when creating a new syllabus for a new course: Syllabus Template

Anything highlighted needs to be reviewed and changed to match your specific course. Anything in white is K-State University Policy and needs to STAY in your syllabus.

Low Grade Report (CVM login required)
Current Academic calendar
Clinical rotation schedule (pdf)
Mapping Tool (CVM Login Required)
Veterinary links
Taped Seminars 
Teaching Grant Proposal – Proposals submitted to Dr. David Rankin

DCS Teaching Grants -  $2-3K

             Enhance teaching and upgrade educational equipment

             Projects that contribute to scholarship of teaching and are likely to lead to extramural funds.  

Veterinary Student Mentoring Program: Submitted to Dr. Greg Grauer and Amy Elswick
New Faculty Orientation Information
2018 Employee Health Plan Open Enrollment
Out-of-State Travel Requests and Reimbursements