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College of Veterinary Medicine

Safety and Compliance

The College of Veterinary Medicine strives to provide a safe working environment for all employees. The safety training outlined in this document should provide a basic level of training for all employees. Personnel working in the teaching hospital, teaching, research and/or diagnostic laboratories are required to have additional training particular to their scope of work (i.e., animal handling, controlled substance regulations, etc.). This additional training will be provided by the area supervisor.

Likewise, those individuals working with animals, radioisotopes, bloodborne pathogens, or in laboratories with a BSL designation requiring documentation will be required to fulfill all training and documentation requirements as outlined by the Kansas State University Research Compliance Office.

Facilities maintains their own training and are required to abide by those guidelines.

Questions concerning basic safety training requirements for the College of Veterinary Medicine should be directed to the Biosecurity, Environmental Health and Safety Committee:

Bruce Schultz, Chair
Brian Lubbers, Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Mylissia Smith, Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology and Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Nora Schrag, Clinical Sciences
Jennifer Akers, Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Robert Reves, Veterinary Health Center
Denver Marlow, University Research Compliance Office
Allan Leikam, Facilities
Barbara Lutjemeier, Anatomy & Physiology
Kelli Almes, Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Natalia Cernicchiaro, Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology
Kara Smith, Clinical Sciences
Frank Blecha, Dean’s Office