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College of Veterinary Medicine

Professorships, Endowed Chairs and University Distinguished Professors

The E.J. Frick Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

This appointment is in honor of Dr. E.J. Frick and recognizes a faculty member with a national and international reputation.
Dr. Michael D. Apley 

Jones Professor of Veterinary Medicine

This appointment is in honor of W.S. and E.C. Jones and recognizes excellence in food animal production medicine and epidemiology.
Dr. Daniel Thomson 

The Roy Upham Endowed Professorship

This appointment is in honor of Dr. Roy Walter Upham and recognizes senior leadership in the College of Veterinary Medicine.
Dr. Derek A. Mosier 

Jarvis Chair in Small Animal Internal Medicine

Dr. Gregory F. Grauer 

Edgar E. and M. Elisabeth Coleman Chair in Food Animal/Production Medicine

Dr. Robert L. Larson 

Roy and Lucille M. Doughman Professorship in Small Animal Surgery

Dr. James K. Roush 

MacDonald Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jim Riviere – University Distinguished Professor, KBA Eminent Scholar and member - National Academy of Sciences 

James B. Nichols Professorship for the Master of Public Health Program

Dr. Michael B. Cates 

Steven and Colleen Hodes Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Ken Harkin 

Pet Trust Professorship

This appointment recognizes and honors a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary role-modeling of client communications, compassionate patient care, respect for the human-animal bond, outstanding clinical teaching, professionalism and leadership.
Dr. Justin Thomason 

University Distinguished Professors

The title of University Distinguished Professor is a lifetime title that represents the highest honor Kansas State University can bestow on its faculty, an award that recognizes those making outstanding contributions to teaching, research, and service to their professions and communities. University Distinguished Professors are appointed following a University-wide competition held by the Provost. Full list of all Kansas State University's University Distinguished Professors.

Dr. Timothy Musch - University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Steve Higgs – University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Michael W. Dryden – University Distinguished Professor

Dr. T.G. Nagaraja – University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Jürgen A. Richt – Regents Distinguished Professor, University Distinguished Professor and KBA Eminent Scholar

Dr. Philine Wangemann – University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Frank Blecha – University Distinguished Professor
Retired - Emeritus

Dr. Daniel C. Marcus – University Distinguished Professor

Dr. M.M. Chengappa – University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere – Regents Distinguished Research Scholar and University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Jim Riviere – University Distinguished Professor 

Dr. James R. Coffman – Honorary University Distinguished Professor