Research Committee

The primary responsibility of the Research Committee in the College of Veterinary Medicine is to advise the faculty and the Office of the Dean on matters related to research and research funding. The Research Committee provides peer review of applications for research grants supported by internal funds allocated by the Dean. The Committee also reviews applications for graduate fellowships and nominations for the Zoetis Award for Research Excellence and makes recommendations to the Dean.

The Research Committee consists of two members from each department and the Associate Dean for Research as an ex-officio member. Committee members are selected in May of each year and serve from July 1 through June 30. Members serve for no more than two consecutive three-year terms. Terms of service are staggered so that no more than three individuals leave the committee in any given year.

The membership of the Research Committee is determined by the Faculty Council representative, in consultation with the department head, proposing members of the voting faculty as candidates for appointment to the committee. These names are reviewed and forwarded by the Council to the Dean. The Dean than appoints from these names, the members of the committee, including the chairperson of the committee. Department heads review all appointments prior to final publication of the committee members for the coming year.

Committee members

A&P, Chair S. Hall (3) began 2021
A&P M. Kumari (2) began term 2022
CS, Chair M. Apley (2) began term 2022
CS B. Larson (6) began term 2018
DM/P W. Mwangi (4) began term 2020
DM/P, Chair L. Miller (1) began term 2023
Ex Officio H. Coetzee