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Veterinary Medical Alumni Association Endowment Membership Report


Veterinary Medical Alumni Association Endowment Membership

The Veterinary Medical Alumni Association (VMAA) for Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine membership dues were incorporated into the association Constitution and By-Laws in 2000.

The Executive Board of the VMAA established an endowment in February of 2003. The money from association membership dues are placed in this fund to generate earnings that support alumni events, initiatives and activities through perpetuity. The VMAA Endowment, account number, K93615, has a balance of more than $327,000 as of August, 2012.

In fiscal year 2012 our VMAA had 25% of our alumni participate by paying their membership dues to the association.

We hope active membership in the association continues to grow to support alumni activities. A special thanks goes to all who have participated in this effort.