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VMAA Constitution & Bylaws


Article I - Name

This Association is Kansas State University’s Veterinary Medical Alumni Association (KSU-VMAA). 

Article II - Objectives

The objectives of the Association are to promote and support the interests of KSU's College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and its alumni. This includes alumni activities, student recruitment, fund development, professional, legislative, and public relations. 

Article III - Membership

All graduates and faculty present and past, of KSU- CVM are eligible for membership. 

Article IV - Officers

The Association is administered by an Executive Board composed of nine (9) members: President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Member-at-Large (identified as being the longest serving member-at-large), three additional Members-at-Large, and a veterinary student representative. The veterinary student representative is the President of the KSU Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA).  The Secretary-Treasurer is a KSU- CVM graduate who is a current or emeritus faculty member.

The Officers and Members-at-Large are placed into nomination and elected through a simple majority vote by members present at the Association's annual meeting held during the Heritage Brunch at the KSU-CVM June Conference. The President and President-Elect hold office for one year. The President-Elect automatically becomes President unless the Association members take action against ascendancy. The Secretary-Treasurer continues to serve without reelection until such time that he/she resigns or an election is mandated by the Executive Board or the membership. 


Article I - Officer Duties

Section 1.

The President presides at all Association and Executive Board meetings, performs all customary duties, and reports to the membership at each annual meeting.

Section 2.The President-Elect, in the absence of the President, assumes the President's duties.
Section 3.

The Secretary-Treasurer keeps records of all Association and Executive Board meetings. He/she provides oversight on membership information. He/she reports to the membership at each annual meeting.

Article II - Standing Committees

Executive Board: The Executive Board (the Board) is the Association's operating group and is empowered to make all decisions that are in the best interest of the Association. In addition, the Board nominates candidates for Association officers and committee membership. The voting members of the Board are composed of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Secretary-Treasurer, the Senior Member-at-Large, three additional Members-at-Large, and a KSU veterinary student representative. Ex-officio members of the board are non-voting members and include the Dean of the KSU-CVM, the Director of Alumni Affairs, and the Director of Development. Other ex-officio members may be added at the discretion of the Executive Board.

The board is charged with promotion of the alumni activities for the KSU-CVM. The Board may also focus on fund development, student recruitment, professional, legislative, and public relations. The President chairs the Board. A quorum shall consist of 5 voting members of the Board.

Article III - Meetings

The Association has one annual business meeting. This meeting is generally held during Heritage Brunch at the Annual Veterinary Conference at KSU each June. The Executive Board shall meet at least three (3) times each year, either in person or by teleconference.

Article IV - Dues

Annual membership dues are thirty-five (35.00) dollars with a one-year grace period following graduation from KSU-CVM. A one-time payment of three-hundred fifty (350.00) dollars will receive Life Membership designation. Funds received from dues may be used to support alumni activities such as publications, receptions at annual professional meetings, awards for alumni, Cat Town, and support for class reunions. In case of a deficit, an appeal may be made to the entire Association. 

Article V - Amendments

Proposed written amendments must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer for action by the Executive Board so they can be distributed to the Association members at least 30 days before the annual business meeting. The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members present at the annual business meeting. 

Article VI - Class Organizations

The Association encourages each graduating class of the CVM to organize and appoint a class representative to coordinate class reunions.